PZP League

“A New Class of Training”
Coaching by Greg Waggoner
Greg Waggoner

If you’re reading this, you’re likely an experienced Power Zone Pack athlete with a few challenges under your belt. You’ve seen first-hand results from a structured plan, built on power zone training. You’ve checked off challenging rides; staying accountable to your teammates. You’ve even learned to find a certain satisfaction in FTP tests.

PZP League is for those who want to take that foundation and keep growing.

I have dedicated my professional life to developing more powerful cyclists, using the same principles that you’re familiar with in PZP challenges…but with a detailed, personal touch. Along with my hand-selected coaches, I have been working with your PZP peers, refining custom training plans that meet their specific needs.

We are accepting new groups and individuals who want to experience a “New Class of Training.” I’m excited to work with you!

Greg Waggoner
~Greg Waggoner

Here’s what’s happening:

Currently we are building small groups of approximately 10 athletes. We will support each other and train as a team towards a defined objective. Importantly, you will meet on weekly Zoom calls with your teammates and coach. This fosters accountability and allows us to maintain a feedback loop.

How it works:

Your coach uploads the training schedule to your calendar. You can expect a mix of Peloton classes and custom workouts that are accomplished in “just ride” mode.

Upon completion, athlete workout files are uploaded, you and your coach review metrics for each ride and analyze overall fitness data.

Coached teams may continue to participate in the 8 week PZP challenges. In this case you will have additional rides each week in line with the goals of the team. Most groups, however, tend to choose a fully custom plan. “Even the best training plans need to be adjusted from time to time.” Private Coaching is also available.

How to Join the League:

  • Start a Team Coaching subscription here. Team Coaching subscriptions are $125 per person per month.
  • Not quite ready and want to speak with a coach first? Inquire Here

The next step will be on-boarding and meeting your coach and team!